This is my creative tool box which produce and design digital media. The engagements involves new ways forward for areas concerning democracy developments, climate change, electric cars and more. Much has been done, but there´s still so much to do! Why? Because it is important and fun.

Democracy is in thought quite distinct but can in theory and practice be complex. Democracy Portal can work as an umbrella to this complexity and guides the reader with a big brush through different elements. It is also a spring board into new democracy initiatives that is worked on.

World of EVs

Electric vehicles, or EVs, are now poping up in the news feed here and there. Tesla has completed their line of sexy cars and traditional carmanufacturers are now entering this new phenomena in the car industry.

To save the earth we must save our forests. Meaning, protecting them from deforestation. What forests are most vulnerable and threatened?

Your Digital Vote

There is a new tool online where people can share a concern and express themselves in a systematic way to enable a collective say.

FSD beta bot

Tesla is launching their full-self driving software and they have chosen a few selected people to try their software in their Tesla cars. These videos are fantastic.

Climate and Global Health

The chaning climate has an impact on our health. From a rising sea level and floods to droughts, extreme heat and wildfires.

Petition bot

Petitions are signed daily in their thousands. A problem can be where to find the important petitions to sign. One way to ease this for the viewer is finding which ones are talked about on social media. For this purpose, the petition bot is created to select out those who are talked about on Twitter.

Call to Act

We have to protect the environment. How? First we must know what is at stake and where to put our efforts.

CO2, CH4, N20 and O3, or Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Nitrous oxide and Ozone – these gases are called greenhouse gases and has for a long time and are currently being realeased into the athmosphere and are trapping warm air in earth´s atmosphere. This causes the climate to change. They need to be limited. Questions to ask are: What can we do and what is being done?